LORD, please fill us with Your Spirit so that we may know Your will in our lives... please give us Your peace, Your direction because we are crying out to You.You are the way, the truth and the life. you are the Light on the Hill, and the horn of our salvation... we cherish You, we adore You, we worship You, we trust You, we will obey You, we follow You, we exalt You, we praise You! We are on our knees for You... LORD please break these chains that bind us. We are praying in Jesus' mighty na...

I'm living

Worship the LORD!

Be Filled with Holy Spirit: Waterfalls of Heaven ~Todd L Thomas


My Jesus'

I pray every day...

Praise the Lord


. jesus-jesus-jesus

Thats life

My Heavenly Father I pray right now in the name of Jesus you would watch over the homeless and please Lord that You would quicken our spirit to help those in need. (This picture breaks my heart!)

Jesus is the way

Pray for me

Psalm 143:10. Teach me Lord Your ways that I may live according to Your purpose and plan for my life in Christ Jesus in Jesus name Amen.

Words to live by.


Thank you, Jesus!

Here I am to worship

Psalms fill our children's minds with God's truths as they drift off to sleep. Here are 3 Psalms to help you do just that!

There is power in the Name of Jesus to break EVERY chain!