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In 2007, Jody received the SBA's national Journalist of the Year award at the State Department in Washington, DC, and attended briefings at the U.S. Small Business Administration's offices.

Mitt (Joe) and Barack (Tom) the Left Business Brain, celebrate a moment of levity at Halloween

Our beloved and wacky JJ, IB's business manager prior to her retirement and relocation to Arizona. Miss you, JJ! Thanks for the citrus fruits you send!

We're joined by scores of business friends for a casual get together at Bill Haight's backyard. We party about every 2-3 years, barring floods, muddy shores, fallen trees, etc!

Business friends Kurt Welton and Michael Gay enjoy an improptu conversation at a summer party at Bill's house.

Jessica plans the perfect party for staff and friends alike to celebrate just being together.

Our friend and workshop leader Barry Callen comes up north with us (and his two beautiful daughters) for our staff retreat.

It's an IB campfire, and Terri shows her skill juggling three sparklers at once.

Jon's wife Michelle (left) joins him and Terri at our company-wide Mallards game event.

Jan and Terri relax during a workshop exercise by the lake during our retreat. Have you guessed yet where it was? Hint: Dillman's Bay.