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  • Laurie Hayes

    fit abs women | six pack abs women flat stomach and ripped six pack abs are not only ...

  • Sam Glumac

    The Flat Belly Foods Diet. I need those abs!!

  • Dan Niko

    <3 I want abs like this! <3 Want this body? Learn How to Measure Calories For Weight Loss! #noexcusefitness

  • Karrie Lips

    My dream body! The Flat Belly Foods Diet

  • Jessica Benhart

    i use to have a flat tummy but not abs like that. i need to start working hard

  • Sara Jennings

    ABS + Hip bones

  • Ashley Hernandez

    30 ways to get great abs #weightloss #fitness #home #beauty #loseweight #weight #workout #products #hcg #diet #people


    Do this routine before every shower 1. 7 minutes of running stairs / 125 jumping jacks 2.50 calf rises 3. 3-5 sets of abs 4. Hip rise 10 each leg/ 3 repetitions 4.I Glute kick 15 each leg/2 repetitions 4.II leg lift 20xeach leg 5. Routine -- 60 jumping jacks 5 push ups 20 crunches 25 mountain climbers 30 seconds plank ** 10 minutes yoga

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