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I'd love to have a tattoo like this! Classic animated blue birds & gorgeous pink roses

This is HAPPY. Chainsaw T-Rex?? fook yeah!

Triceratops Tattoo. Definitely belongs on my random board. Although, it's kinda cute.

RAWR! Cute Dino tattoo!!

was thinking of a compass in this location too

...omg I love this. My grandma used to draw this lady all the time for me when I was little!♥

Like the idea of no black lines - not sure if it would work with my current tats though...

Seeing quite a few by Marcin Aleksander Surowiec lately, he does some amazing colour work!

Sue Jeiven| -s3xy- I love this, I love the sheep horns and the mystical or magical feel about this tattoo. -

This obviously isn't something I would get, but the style of art is awesome. Love it.