Striking similarity!

12 (funny) reasons gay marriage will ruin society (note the sarcasm.)- Ali's Bottom Line... regardless if your own beliefs, if you are allowing someone else's marriage to "remove the sanctity" from your own marriage, there was never any there to begin with. BOOM.

Now put that in your pipe and smoke it!

The last pic is my favorite! I'd just die if I ever met NDT!!

I will sit on a riverbank and drink wine with this man one day


Here's my thing I don't support gay rights or transsexual rights I support HUMAN RIGHTS being gay or bisexual doesn't mean you're not a person you should have the same rights as everyone else- my 11 year old cousin after my family kicked me out for being gay

LGBT Marriage truth.

Oh my goodness.. haha

The Truth.

Christian hypocrisy

Good point!




gay rights


Truth be told...