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whoooo me? This owl is beautiful. I really dislike most birds but find owls simply gorgeous. Crazy huh?

Closeup of a Barred Owl — We have a pair who live in our woods. They make the craziest sounds, often sounding like monkeys!

Penthouse for a parliament of owls. One of them is thinking very deep and is coming up with a plan.

Repined by "barefoot girl" as described in Swallowed: A True Story

Owl hanging upside down - maybe thinks the tree branch hides him! RESEARCH #DdO:) MOST #POPULAR RE-PINS - - ANIMALS OF A DIFFERENT. Owls in 2 families: true or typical owls & barn owls. Nature scientists identify 216 species but only 18 = barn owls. Names like ‎Elf Owl; Barred Owl; ‎Snowy Owl. They eat creatures that damage, incl mice, moles, raccoons, rabbits, squirrels. About only critter that's HAPPY to eat skunks!

Wait until i tell you about my day,,,it was a hoot

I think peacocks are stunning birds, but they absolutely scare me to death. photo by Jason Busch

IMG_5021. By mrhmclean, foto tirada em 8 de julho de 2012 usando uma Canon EOS 7D. Via Flickr

My family rescued a baby barn owl when I was a kid. He fell from a nest in the rafters of an old cotton mill. We took him to the Carolina Raptor Center in Charlotte, where he grew into a healthy adult -- save for a constant head-cocking tic. Needless to say, they did not release him into the wild. He became one of their beloved mascots.