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  • Dakota Page

    go on a no-budget shopping spree in Victoria's Secret #bucketlist

  • Hailei Loper

    Doesn't have to be Victoria's Secret I would just like to go on a no budget shopping spree. I would probably end up doing this at antique stores.

  • Amoree Angulo

    Dream come true.... Yoga pants 😍 panties, lip gloss, perfume, bras, and sexy lil things!

  • Brooklyn Bailey

    My Bucket List.

  • Alayna Frauhiger

    Somewhat accomplished! Free $500 gift card spent! :)

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I hope to inherit my parents land someday and turn it into ranch/farm... there are already cows out there anyway...

the hard part wont be the money it will be finding a cute pair i actually like!

done...and did about 4 different one that were EXTREMELEY high and don't plan on doing it again...

This is a McMichael Family favorite tradition for special occasions and New Years Eve with friends! ♥

mudd wrestle :], i have done this before andd wouldd love to do it again, lol.

go on a no-budget shopping spree in sephora. Problem is I'd find it hard to spend $20 on a lipstick!

I've wanted to go since I saw it on the Mary Kate and Ashley movie. lol.

find out how many balloons it takes to life myself off of the ground

before I die I'm gonna.. shop in new york city.

I can afford a jeans and t-shirt wardrobe...yes it's comfortable but I also have style...

I have a ton of favorite musicians, so saying Florence Welch is in the top 5 is saying something ♥