Long way to go!


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being strong is hard.

Accept what happened...move forward (Melissa Harris. “Moving on”. Illustration. N.d. Melissa Harris page. vuible.com. Web. 12 Sept 2013.)

You are a whole person already, and if someone thinks that you need to change, by all means change #Inspirational #Quotes

So true!!

No matter what happens in life ...

One of my favorite quotes ever.


All the time..This is soooo true!!!


So true....

"Each person has their own scale of what makes them happiest or saddest. Don't compare these. It's because everyone has based their scale on their own experiences and every person has had a unique life journey. Support the people around you through their worst days and celebrate with them during their best." - thank you! I agree with this completely.

Something to remember.

"The most painful goodbyes are the ones that are never said and never explained."

Truth. Kerosene