“happiness depends upon ourselves”- aristotle

Nice branch, and bird detail. I want with color and on my wrist!


The four elements and Aristotles fifth- Earth Water Fire Air Aether (stars+universe) Quote translates to There is no easy way from the earth to the stars


“happiness depends upon ourselves”- aristotle -

couple tattoos

"happiness depends upon ourselves" - Aristotle(in greek) - my next tattoo?

Mother and Child

omnia vincit amor, et nos cedamus amori. - virgil. "love conquers all, thus we all surrender to love"

Stars this is sweet!!

I got this tattoo last August and I absolutely love it. To put it simply, I love trees so much and everything about nature. I plan to get many more nature inspired tattoos in the future. Nature makes nothing in vain. -Aristotle


Aristotle Quote tattoo. I like the font a lot! Not so much the quote.

"Never Look back" shoulder *love it, another one that is so true :-)*

Arms. - Tattoologist - Arrow

"I wasn’t born to follow"

foot tattoos

Love it.

branch tattoo, love the idea of a "mama" and the smaller birds being number of children you have.

Placement :)