“happiness depends upon ourselves”- aristotle

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hip tattoo--so cute!

Anchor Tattoo

Tattoo done by Little J at Tattoo Marks in State College, PA such a beautiful sentiment


"I am, no matter what anyone else tells me, good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, thin enough."

"C" initial tattoo with small heart on wrist -Id need a B as well

love the look of this! metaphor for life...always moved forward like an arrow does :)

Invisible Monsters

I say this in my head at least once a week, and it got me through a lot this past year once I finally grasped it. Maybe if I ever got a tattoo.

The girl's father was passing away in the hospital and the last thing he did was write a letter to her mother-- and at the end it read: "Tell morgan I love her." She got it tattooed in his handwriting in memory.

Inhale the future, exhale the past.

Like the tree ring idea- add a ring every yr you're married

I usually don't like thigh tattoos, but this is cute. It says "Curiosity often leads to trouble" from Alice and Wonderland