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Anderson Cooper. I have a weird obession with this man. He is just so attractive.

... Because it will never happen anyway.

Good night and good looks! Anderson Cooper is a fave, I'm a fan of his mother also...Gloria Vanderbilt

the inspiration to my life. ♥

Anderson Cooper... I think he's so handsome! I think it is the white hair! - YUM!

Inspirational. One of my all time favorite people. No one else tells the story like he does. And he manages to look this sexy in the midst of the most horrifying situations our world has to offer.

Be true to yourself. You "Silver Fox" was ours at "The Other Level" I was brians babe inspiration is poetry to most truth collectors or only coincidence for CNN he was the ranger of true hope you AC360 decipher AC oneliner. Dusty Rhodes knows truth is conditional now 360.