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    How to tell if your pet is dehydrated

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      Working out with a furry friend? After exercise is over, offer small amounts of water every 5 to 10 minutes until thirst is quenched. Be careful not to allow your dog to gulp large amounts of liquid after exercise, to reduce the risk of bloat. If your dog shows any signs of dehydration during exercise, call it quits.

    • Petplan Pet Insurance

      If you have a dog that will eat anything, you need to be extra vigilant at the beach. A little sand will do no harm, but large quantities could collect in your dog's intestines or bowels and cause a blockage. Signs to look for include straining to defecate with no result, lack of appetite, repeated vomiting or any signs of abdominal discomfort such as heavy panting, pacing, whining or a distended belly.

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      Petplan pet insurance offers tips for keeping pets safe during dog days at the beach

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      tips for keeping pets safe during dog days at the beach

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      Golden Retriever Dog enjoying a day on the Beach

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