It's easy to have your Dachshunds in a row in the new Petplan pet insurance headquarters in Newtown Square, PA, where our open office layout creates the purrfect opportunity for collaboration

We're always open to new ideas at Petplan pet insurance, and so are our meeting rooms!

There's no such thing as a party at Petplan pet insurance without cake!

Canine collaboration at the Petplan pet insurance office

At Petplan pet insurance, you can have your cake - and eat it, too! Office birthday pawrties are just one of the pawesome purrks of working here - come join our team to see the others!

A sweet way to celebrate an employee birthday at Petplan pet insurance... Georgetown #Cupcakes!

Help your pets keep cool this summer with a tasty Pup Pop. I'm actually just pinning this because there's a pug. And pugs are adorable!

Pet Tracker — A GPS collar for your dog.

Pet Toast Dog Dachshund ... doxies on your toast! ha!

Easy sweater for your dachshund

Birthday Week: DIY Dachshund Piñata for your Dog via Ammo the Dachshund

The escape prevention dog harness keeps your pet from slipping through the cracks.

It is a dachshund harness for your dachshund! Red Dachshund Harness | PetsPyjamas

Grooming tips for you and your Dachshund

Top 10 Halloween Dog Costumes