Informal garden with rock edging to define bed - I like the use of Alyssum to create a nice lacy contrast to the rock border - For shade gardens, use Creeping Jenny, Impatiens, Blue Star Creeper, or Candytuft instead of Alyssum which loves full sun!

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Blue fescue Botanical name: Festuca glauca Requirements: Well-drained soil and full sun.Bird benefits: Seeds feed them; foliage provides nesting material Gardener benefits: Mound-forming, semievergreen plants have striking blue-green foliage, making them valuable accent plants. Drought-tolerant plants are a good choice for low-water landscapes. Zones: 4-8 Size: 6-18 inches tall; 12-24 inches wide

I would love to incorporate something like this into our front yard and entry way! Time to find plants that can be used here!

Large green leaves with chartreuse margins adorn the Abiqua Moonbeam Hosta, which is a sport of August Moon Hosta. Great for shady borders as well as container plants. Hosta are easy to grow and add a burst of color to shady spots! Thsi variety is more sun tolerant than a lot of other Hosta varieties.

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