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  • DLGPhotosolutions

    very cute idea :) - I will be getting a large mirror for my next baby photo shoot!!! LOVE IT!!!

  • Kristina Braley

    6 month old baby picture ideas, baby with mirror, mirror pictures, baby bloomers, newborn photos, photography, newborn headband

  • Ashley Anthony

    Pic Idea (place large mirror outside, let sky be the background). Could also be used for older children.

  • Danielle Krewson

    6 month old baby photo idea - mirror reflections

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newborn photo idea, I think this is better around 3 months I didn't look so cute after having a baby lol. I look better 3 months later

this is so adorable @Wendi Riggens-Miller. Do you have a cute mirror?!

This would be a cute picture of Haleigh :) I love her little profile in her shadow. It would be a perfect way to capture it!

Cute idea for a baby pic. Just not UGA or Shane would kill me lol. Maybe whatever high school Shane is at when the baby is born.

Cute idea to say it's a boy or girl! I'm not huge on the whole maternity photo shoot thing but this is cute!

This would be so cool to do every year on a birthday with the # of balloons to = their age. :)

ile I wish I was presenting this news with my own fabulous photo montage or clever visual announcement, I fear you will have to make due with some amazing ideas from around the web from other folks! But seriously these are some amazing ideas and I hope to feel well enough soon to