Recycle, reuse, repurpose. This cat feeder is made from two plastic bottles. Simple, easy, and when it gets old you just recycle the plastic and make a new one.–-pet-futterflaschen/

DIY Plastic Bottle Pet Feeder

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Cat powered feeder

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Fruit Feeder: Use halved apples, oranges, grapefruit or pears Comes with built-in hanger Small, decorative ceramic bird on top Can be used all year round Orioles, scarlet tanagers, mockingbirds, grosbeaks and other fruit-lovers will flock to this simple yet clever "kabob-style" birdfeeder. Simply place halved oranges, apple, pear or grapefruit on the skewer and hang.

Upcycle greenhouse recycle bottles. Incredible reuse of recyclables. #zerowaste

DIY plastic bottle recycle craft not English but pics are easy to understand this is so easy

Kitty Planter Made With Soda Pop Bottle - Cut off the bottom of a soda pop bottle, print out the kitty face template and you have yourself a sweet little planter!

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plastic bottle craft

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...recycling plastic bottles diy home decor making plastic flowers bulletin board. If only it was this easy!