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A cicada climbing out of its old shed exoskeleton and sitting there to let itself dry.

Cicada..... who knew that the sounds that drones us (who live in the right areas of the world) to sleep on hot summer nights, came from a very iridescent bug, (the only evidence is an outgrown, crinkly, kind of ugly, brown outer shell that it leaves behind)???

The buzz of a Cicada high in the treetops is a sure sign that hot summer weather has arrived. Their life span is 17 years underground, one summer with wings. This year is predicted to be a bumper crop of cicadas. They are approx. 1 1/2 - 2" long.

Cicada by Rodger Smith. This seems similar to the bug in our house the first night we moved in.

Cicada....found in Leura , Blue Mountains, Sydney. Australia ...

Summer Cicadas by Teagan White “Some cicadas and their shell-pod-things that crunch crunch crunch under your shoes.” -White

Singing Cicadas of Summer - For me there's nothing more that evokes memories of lazy hot summers than the wonderful sound of cicadas; the background music to your summer holiday at Lou Messugo.

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I miss cicadas. When I was little I would find their shed exoskeletons everywhere, and hear the distinctive buzzing. "But that was Wisconsin. That was yesterday."- Bon Iver