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  • Heather Perry

    Wolf tattoo. Wolf is my spirit animal

  • Lauren Lansdale

    wolf women back tattoos | ... wolf # wolf tattoo # wolf tattoos # wolve # back tattoo # back tattoos

  • Leonardo Luccas

    #tattoo #tattoo #art #sexy #ink #inked # girl #bodyart #tatuagens #gorgeous #beautiful

  • Cathrine Silke Rasmussen

    Tattoo inspiration. Want to get a wolf tattoo a little bit like this one

  • Kianah Young

    Temporary tattoos back wolf head fake transfer spray large tattoo stickers sexy body art makeup high quality health designs-in Makeup from Beauty & Health on

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wolf_stone_predator by vadaka1986*

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Wolf with warm light by canis.rufus, via Flickr

Such a beautiful expression! Man..I luv these incredible creatures! this reminds me of my dad!! love you daddy!

I swear I saw a drawing of this wolf tattoo with the art on one side of its face and thought it was the most beautiful picture and I will have it as a tattoo one day, seeing this pic of it as an actual tattoo makes me want it even more. It's gorgeous. I will have this somewhere on my body as tattoo number 8.

Wolf love - From my own experiences with Canines - both large and also the little guys - They not only have the capacity to love - they also show it to their human pack members. Canines kiss, lick, nuzzle, push, touch, cuddle, lay on you, smell, herd you, protect you, watch over you, follow you -but would rather lead, they listen to you, many will swim with you, they smile, they laugh, they cry, they empathize, they share, they bring you things... more -

No gentle lupine has ever sat down to type out a manual on werewolf etiquette. Good manners must be learned the hard way: by inadvertently pissing off stronger wolves. -@AuFleecer

Wolf in the shadows by RamblingPhotog | Flickr

How cute?! I know it's a wolf but still!They are an interesting animal that is missUNDERstood for hurting people.NOTICE that it is in their nature they don't mean to it's just an instinct like protecting yourself from poachers or something!(: #LOVEWOLFS

Wolves sketch by *silvercrossfox How to draw Wolves, , how to draw animals, drawing realistic wolves, wolf, sketch, draw, tutorial, sketchbook,wolf, wolves, pack, art teacher, art lesson, wolf picture, wildlife sketchbook