Great home remedies for sick little ones. Includes for diarrhea, constipation, burns, sore throat, headache, teething, and ear infection

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Usage of vicks vaporub. Sore throat, decongestant, coughs, sore muscles, headaches, ear aches, nail fungus, mosquito repellent, itchy bug bite, cracked heels, acne, cold sores

ear reflexology chart- Sounds simple enough. The idea is to clip on a clothespin to the correct ear reflexology point for about a minute.

Sooth an Ear Ache~

Self Lymph Drainage Massage by in Louisville, KY, via YouTube. Do this when you have sinus pressure, ear ache, fluid stuck in your head. It's a 7 min video but it really helps!

magic salt sock - natural relief for ear infections

Ear Ache Gone in a DAY! 2 Kids Tested, Mom Approved! - Dinking Around - Follow-On FB for more Great Ideas that WORK.

Here is a quick solution that helps easing pain and discomfort for ear infections. Make magical salt sock-->

How To Apply Lemon Essential Oil and Lavender Essential Oil for Ear Ache

10 Effective #Homeremedies To Treat Ear Congestion

rose gold druzy stud earrings

Earache - Ear Infection #Aromatherpy Ear plug- warm olive oil (1tsp), 3 drops tea tree oil, 2 drops lavender

DIY Rice Heat Pack to keep you warm when it's cold!

For ear aches

Nana's Deals and More: How Lavender and Lemon Grass Essential Oils Took Ear Ache Pain Away with in 10 Minutes at 2 am !!!

How to get rid of an earache fast and naturally? An earache can have numerous diverse reasons, some more serious than others. In the event that your e...

a HUGE list of essential oil roll-on recipes and blends

Hot/Cold Bags Tutorial. Great for warming hands and soothing ear aches. --- I also use this same procedure for catnip pillows. Use catnip with cotton instead of the rice and don't line with fleece.