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  • Sherry Webb Bernal

    (Took shape of the Eagle, I think).... A spectacular 'coronal mass ejection' following a solar flare has caused magnetic storms to create spectacular northern lights (Jan 2012)

  • ML Kramer

    Jan 24, 2012. The Northern Lights have lit up the skies above Scotland, Canada and Norway after the biggest solar storm in more than six years bombarded Earth with radiation.

  • L

    Massive solar storms sparked intense Northern Lights displays for skywatchers at high latitudes - Is this photo-shopped? The eagle in this photo is just too clear for it not to be!

  • Wendy Stephens

    Aurora Borealis seen from Norway... on my bucket list!

  • Betty Clark

    Northern Lights as seen from Norway. The large solar storm that hit the Earth yesterday was expected to interfere with cell phone calls and GPS transmissions. But the storm was also a boon for photographers--who captured the Northern Lights in full effect. The aurora borealis is a natural light display typically only visible from parts of Norway but this week's massive solar storm moved the lights south, allowing photographers across northeast England and Ireland to capture powerful ima...

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A fantastic display of Aurora Borealis from the last trip of the Aurora season back in March. Its far too light now to see even the strongest aurora anywhere in the Arctic Circle.

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The scholar of one candle sees / An Arctic effulgence flaring on the frame / Of everything he is.

A Heavenly Moment.  I wonder what was going on here. Are those clouds?

Fjord - n. A long, narrow inlet of the sea, bordered by steep cliffs, and carved by glacial action. A.Word.A.Day (August 12, 2010)

Starry Night in the Shadow of the Aurora Night! - Photo was taken on October 24, 2011 in Woolwich, Ontario, Canada - Image Credit : Andrew Cameron, via Flickr.

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Northern Lights in Iceland. Great lights. See more on northern lights in Iceland here: www.northernlight...

Northern lights from the shores of the Mackenzie River in Fort Simpson, Northwest Territories.