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  • Cecelia Nihart Fleet

    Road trip travel ideas for kids...

  • Niamh Crotty

    Road trip with kids ideas

  • Mary Giles

    Lots of really good ideas for road trips. Some of these are freakin' brilliant! Love the snack pulley system!

  • Ticey Wilson

    Lots of really good ideas for road trips. Some of these are brilliant! Some are for kids older than mine, but still, worth filing away for later!

  • Gina Pfeiffer

    Lots of really good ideas for road trips. Some of these are brilliant! Snacks, games, organization, teaching opportunities, comfort, safety, you name it... They are mostly for long car trips, but could be used as is or customized a little for any other type of travel, even short car rides around town.

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fun with buttons...I love buttons, I still have my mother in law's button tin. She was a seamstress and had some really awesome ones.

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Parenting tip. Too many parents just throw electronics, game consoles, internet and tv at their kids to keep them busy and out of their hair. Sad. I know some who if not for electronics they would spend that time scolding and yelling at them. So much for any type of quality time...make chores fun...turn up the music and dance laugh when doing chores and make the necessary changes.