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Ideas for Chili Cook-off Themes

by Laurie Reeves
You can't take yourself too seriously when you're dressed up in a strange costume and serving chili to strangers. But coming up with an idea for your chili cook-off booth may seem harder than actually cooking the chili. A catchy theme draws attention and visitors to your booth. Additionally, it may ...
  • BJ Riordan

    Table Decorating Ideas for a Chili Cookoff By Angelique de la Morreaux: A chili cookoff pits your chili recipe against others for bragging rights of best chili. Make the day enjoyable as you match your table to the event and give guests a thorough sensory experience starting with their eyes as they see the display that sets their mouth to watering to the final experience of savoring your chili. [click for article]

  • Isma Punch

    Apple Cider Vinegar Mock Lemonade Recipe... Most of us are familiar with the many health benefits of apple cider vinegar (ACV for short). From increasing metabolism to fighting infections, a cleansing tonic to a hair conditioner, its uses are somewhat staggering!

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Top 10 tips to Host a Chili Cook Off: 1. Have plenty of electricity available 2. Have plenty of table space available 3. Come prepared with awards 4. Have a partner or two to help 5. Have a tasting cut off time to allow vote counting 6. Vote via the bean method 7. Have a prepared space to label their chili 8. Designate bringing of bowls, spoons and chili fixin's 9. Find someone with a big voice to announce winners 10. Don’t forget to photograph the winners #chili #blockparty

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Chili Cookoff at Isador's Organics Fruit and Deli March 3rd. All proceeds go to the "Hand Fruit Program" bringing fresh organic fruit to local schools.

chili cook-off decor- be sure to read whole post for more great ideas-Ann...this one had a great score card!