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Been thinking about quails since getting more chickens. They are so cute!

72. On the house

love, love, love this with the flight pen attached!

new quail coop

Building a simple quail cage

Building a Simple Quail Cage

Backyard Quail Coop - Build a mobile quail home, it easy to move and another way to house Quail naturally.

Backyard Quail Coop - Raise Coturnix Quail Naturally on the Ground. Get More - Eggs, Meat and enjoyment.


Many DIY quail hutch ideas and designs can be used when you want to raise quail. The main thing to keep in mind is the work and supplies that are required.

coop - great indoor coop, very lightweight

Minimum coop height

My avatar was taken in Buckeye. I would encourage you to use front door opening because top.

broody chicken coop - Google Search

Note: This is an original design, and is still in the process of being tested. Please read the notes at the end before committing to.

No Waste Quail Feeder

No Waste Quail Feeder

We raise Jumbo Coturnix Quail as pets and to provide our family of four with fresh eggs. We live in a residential area and our city does not allow chickens.


quail- if you feed them bird seed in their outdoor coop, you will grow grass.

The amazing health benefits of quail eggs!! Raise quail instead of chickens!

The Natural Therapeutic Coturnix Egg - Homesteading and Livestock