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Sergeant Stubby died on March 16, 1926, as a hero, yet today, many people do not know who he is. Sergeant Stubby is the most decorated dog in military history, and the only dog to have been promoted during battle. He fought for 18 months in the trenches for France during WW1 for 17 battles. Stubby warned his fellow soldiers of gas attacks, located wounded soldiers in No Man's Land, and listened for oncoming artillery rounds. He was also responsible for the capture of a German spy at Argonne....

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Soldier adopts hero military dog that ‘saved her life’ in Afghanistan

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"Pit bulls as heroes": This dog saved his owner's life... "John Benton knew something was amiss when his dog tried to prevent him from leaving his home for the office."

Lex is a German Shepherd that served in Iraq alongside Cpl. Dustin Lee.

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Sergeant Stubby :: America’s original dog of war fought bravely on the Western Front—then helped the nation forget the Great War’s terrible human toll.

In Memory Of Bart a True American Hero War Dog. Thank you Bart, for sacrificing your life in service to our country.

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"Sallie rests at the foot of the 11th PA infantry monument in Gettysburg. Sallie was a brindle pit bull who fought the civil war with the men of her infantry and when many of them were killed and wounded, she was recovered from the scene protecting her dead and dying men."

Sargent Stubby. The only animal to receive the rank of Sargant in combat. Single-handedly took down a German spy, could do a modified salute, knew marching formations, could detect mustard gas and incoming shells, and locate English speaking soldiers in no man's land