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Holes Of Happiness is a short documentary looking at the reactions of the public to some pothole gardens that have been popping up around East London. "The environment is something we all need to be thinking about more and more. But most importantly, it's all about making people smile and giving them an unexpected moment of happiness." (Steve Wheen)

Record stores - I spent a lot of hours at the Tower records on West End in Nashville. It was open until midnight!

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Natural phenomena: David Hockney at the Royal Academy – in pictures

Moon Meets Morning Star Rising in the dark hours before dawn, wandering Venus now shines as the brilliant morning star. Its close conjunction w/ the Moon on 8/13 was appreciated around planet Earth. But skygazers in eastern Asia were also treated to a lunar occultation, the waning crescent Moon passing directly in front of the bright planet in still dark skies. This composite image constructed from frames made at 10 minute intervals above Taebaek, Korea