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Ranger with bow #archery. Gods, I wanted to be Robin Hood when I was a kid. Fortunately, my parents wouldn't let me acquire a bow and arrow. No telling the damage I would've done.

Archery girl and horse. AWESOME!!! This is my near future and yes that includes a bow and harrow! Love this as an activity but gotta say that I won't be taking down any animal. I love them all to much!! :) Just hay bales!!

"Vayas Töchter - Assassinas Herz" Kriegerinnen. Warrior. Mehr zu meinen Amazonen / More about my amazons:

Lush vegetation and an adventurously perilous placement of structures iconize the fantasy landscape genre.

Silent archer waiting for good shot. artist ??

Resting princess | yellow autumn fantasy | castle and maiden

Running through open meadows and enchanted forests to a love that is ever patient for her undying love!

Slowly she began A new life In the forest Beside the lake she knew In the search of the man of her dreams