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Imagine...all the cute places this would look great!!!

"But this revolutionary act of treating ourselves tenderly can begin to undo the aversive messages of a lifetime.” - Tara Brach

Joe Simboli designed a set of War/Peace posters in 1968 in response to a call from Herb Lubalin, a well-known NYC art director for Avant Garde magazine, who was sponsoring a "No More War" contest. Deeply affected by his experience at the liberation of Ohrdruf Concentration Camp during WWII, Joe designed the posters as a reflection on the insane nature of war. The Peace design, featuring a dove with the colors of mankind in its tail, represented the USA in a worldwide UN contest.

A simple truth is that we are made in the “image” of our own cells. That is why research on cell mechanisms can apply to us for they are directly related to the same mechanisms used in the human body. -Dr. Bruce Lipton

LOVE listening to my husband sing Christmas carols... one of his favorites..I heard the bells on Christmas Day :) - Words are from Henry Longfellows's Poem in 1864.

Amazing how wonderful things can be when you don't worry about what others think of you. ♥

Like Dennis says, "It is better to get along than it is to be right."

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i Hope you find rest for your soul and Peace for your heart to always remain in the True Vine. Peace upon you. CHRIST be your always reward for all the help you gave me and no doubt others too. HIS Blessings, Provision & Protection for those of you who repair the breaches. Soo Happy to learn you exist. i don't understand what happened or why but Trust GOD for it all.

-Anne Frank, a young girl, locked up in an attic, hiding to save her life and she had this figured out. ♥ I know Anee is finally resting in Peace now. ♥