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..when you talk to kaiser and ask him a question he does this! ask him another and the heak tilts to the other side!

The Poodle. Believed to have originated in Germany, where it was known as the "Pudelhund". Pudel (cognate with the English word puddle), is derived from the Low German verb meaning "to splash about", & the word hund in German means dog, They were standardized in France, & used commonly as water retrievers. Coming in 3 distinct sizes Poodles are very active, extremely intelligent, and elegant, & are easily trained, but do get bored easily & have been known to find creative ways to make mischief.

flat coated retriever...looks just like our "Chisholm", who passed 12 years ago...we loved him ♥

Black and Tan Coonhound

Basset hounds dogs ever! (as long as you aren't looking for an exercise partner!)

Baby English Setter... Oh, mischief is their middle name in puppyhood which lasts 3 years!

English Springer Spaniel OMG whats a beautiful Backyard w/o a pup!! look at his expression!! you gotta open this up to see it big!! awwwwww ach du gut in himmel !

If Teddy was Scooby-Doo, this dog would be Scooby-Dumb. Wait...maybe flip that? This dog looks smart...