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    “We can have a democracy in this country or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can't have both.” US Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis (1846 – 1941) . Here's a ...
    • Eire Sicilia

      The Top 1 Percent Are Taking In More Of The Nation’s Income Than At Any Other Time Since The 1920s: Not only are the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans taking home a tremendous portion of the national income, but their share of this income is greater than at any other time since the Great Depression, as the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities illustrates in this chart using 2007 data:

    • ♻️ ☯ Chuck Meyer 🌱 ツ

      The real reason why Super Rich hate Obama: He's calling them out on fairness, so they call him a socialist. As you can see, the Income Differential between 1923-1929 (pre-Great Depression) is similar to how it was 2002-2007 (pre-Great Recession). Our country flourishes best when the Middle Class grows at a similar rate to the elite class. Republicans have pledged to make this income inequality greater & to further lower taxes on the super rich, & raise taxes on the already weakened middle class.

    • Gary Zajac

      It’s good to be rich in America - Share of nation's Income Gains Going to Top 1 Percent at Highest Level Since 1920s --- (Graph 2 of 2)

    • Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley

      top 1 percent income since 1920s

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    “It is essential that we be convinced of the goodness of human nature, and we must act as though people are good.”


    The freedom we all enjoy is on life support. The government is intruding more and more each day., There will come that day We The People will not be able to revive our Freedoms and AMERICA WILL BE LOST FOREVER. ~doc~

    This is Sharia. Choosing to ignore this is behaving just like those who ignored the holocaust or who ignored slavery. The Muslim Brotherhood and Sharia law need to be stopped.

    There are MANY things I don't agree w/ the Left on and SOME things I don't agree w/ the Right on but still... Freedom of Speech for ALL!

    Today a distant relative of mine posted a link from the Tea Party's FB page. I guess it was the same thing that makes me a horror movie fan that made me decide to follow the link to the page. We are ALL subject to the confirmation bias, seeking out information that confirms our beliefs; but most of us also try to balance what we want to be true with what IS true. Tea Partiers are at the other end of that scale to a frightening degree, warping even articles and studies that are already slanted i…

    Former intelligence officer Robert Steele: Every single terrorist incident in U.S. was a false flag - DCClothesline

    secure our borders - deport illegal aliens - no amnesty

    The Real Reason Sodium Fluoride is Still Added to Almost of Municipal Water Supplies - Must-Read! Perhaps it's not my imagination that I've lost IQ points since moving into the city and losing my well water (and evening margarita). When I lived here years ago, I had an expensive reverse osmosis system, but can no longer afford one - and I have a 5 year old to protect! Are there any safe & inexpensive water purifiers with scientific proof showing they eliminate flouride? Comments welcome!!!

    Massive Overreach once again!

    Thanks Obama you shouldn't have.....oh but he so wanted to help

    revoking freedom of assembly?

    Activist Post: Federal Government Ordered to Explain Why it Needs a Cell Phone Kill Switch

    ▶ Undoing Authoritarian Indoctrination - YouTube

    How Google Adsense Is Censoring WeAreChange, and other Independent Media | Punk Rock Libertarians

    Police officers in Meridian, Mississippi, were spending so much time hauling handcuffed students from school to the local juvenile jail that they began describing themselves as “just a taxi service.” It wasn’t because schools in this east Mississippi town were overrun by budding criminals or juvenile superpredators—not by a...

    Gore Glaciers

    Key provisions of the Patriot Act are expiring, including what the NSA exploits to collect data about every phone call we make. We need an expiration date on this unconstitutional surveillance. Tell Congress to vote against Patriot Act provisions that don't explicitly ban mass surveillance!

    Or the $60 dollars for an aspirin or the $2300 dollars for an MRI that costs $189 dollars in other countries. This is the other problem with healthcare, out of control price gouging. We need government controls like they have in most other countries. that's the truth!!!! I'm in medical sales!!!!!!

    Join us and sign the petition: Tell Sen. Mark Udall and the Senate Intelligence Committee to enter the CIA torture report into the Congressional Record.

    The New York Times has published an unredacted version of the famous “suicide letter” from the FBI to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


    Crony Capitalism = Phony Capitalism

    Crony Capitalism