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Online Business Resources: A collection of my all time favorite tools, tips, products and people. From free downloads, worksheets, workbooks, e-courses, editorial calendars, people, products, and words of wisdom. This is my mega library of creative support that I use to run my online business. | Julie Harris Design

Great tutorial on using excel for business. I finally know how to track expenses and income for my etsy shop! Great business finance tips for anyone with an online shop. |

6 Tips to Starting Your Own Online Business on a Dime...

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The Top Ten Online Tools I Can’t Live Without That Make My Blog, Life and Business Run Smoothly | Classy Career Girl

Recommended tools and services for bloggers or online business owners. Time saving, social media and SEO tools and tips to help run a blog.

You Are Your Business: The Business Plan. The importance of having a plan of action for your blog and business online. +FREE worksheet. | Julie Harris Design

Blog Trend Predictions for 2016. The future of blogging. Blogging tips and strategies for increasing traffic, turning your blog into a sustainable business, how to create an online space rather than just a blog, how to design a blog.

3 Ways to Get Motivated to Start Your Online Business

If you want to know what tools I love and recommend to run your business from anywhere then look no further. Or check out my handy tools page

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My BYOB Build Your Online Business Series of books is designed to help you understand exactly what it takes to find your ideal customers, build and market your business products online and create a lucrative sales funnel that keeps on serving you every month. Check them out

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Learn: Blog and Small Business Branding & Colors! So, with all of the blog burn out and stories of slowing down out there, are you ready to get pumped again? Enroll now! Class is online from Oct 10 - Nov 10, 2014! Image: Fiona Humberstone

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