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Luigi Pirandello, Diana e la Tuda, 1926

vintage everyday: Vintage Photos of Circus Performers from 1890s-1910s


There were two strict years of mourning for Victorian women. For first year mourning it was mandatory that she wear all black and if she couldn't afford to buy new clothes they dyed their existing clothing black - then bleached them again later.

Strange that someone thin and someone heavy were deemed oddities. What did the rest of the world look like? Perfect? I think not.

21 Unbelievably Haunting Vintage Photos From The Circus

1860s Fancy Dress costumes.

John Stezaker, 1976


Vintage fortune telling.

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Vintage Circus Performers

They said that magic wasn't real, yet they believed there was a being in the sky. He said, "Let me show you what I know to be true, for I have met Him and we've grown quite close." They turned their hypocritical noses and walked away, before they could witness genuine miracles taking place.

Balancing Act, 1962. Source: Photographic Morgue of the New York Journal-American, Harry Ransom Center: A seal puts on a show by balancing a doll before young viewers at a performance of the Krone Circus in Aachen, Germany.