When you say fist to five check students rate their understanding by holding up the appropriate number of fingers. The goal is for everyone to be in the green. Great way for students to self-assess their understanding and help you to gauge student understanding.

Classroom Hand Signals Management System | AshleyRae | {K-6}....similar idea for student communication during discussions.

help students to pay attention

WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THIS. Would have certainly helped in my room.

how to calm students down after lunch or recess

This is a bulletin board where students can put up anything they are proud of, whether it's a picture, drawing or good grades. I like this because the kids choose what they post!

I Need Help mini flip charts- I really like this for big classes where you can't always know exactly how every kid is doing on an assignment

Student Self-Assessment Tools! Posters, Rubric, Cards for student use, and notebook page - Light Bulbs and Laughter Blog. TpT $

This would be helpful for all involved

My students had so much fun writing each other happy notes during February and I was looking for a way to keep it going all year long. Bucket fillers are a great way to share those positive affirmations.

Formative Assessments are quick quizzes to help guide learning! Formative assessments for every Common Core standard are available free on OpenEd.com.

silent signals for understanding


Notice to Students (Big Text) - NEW School Classroom Student Motivational POSTER. LOVE for middle school and high school !!!!!!!

Show Me the Strategies, compiled by Donna Sears and Linda Stewart, is an UNBELIEVABLY comprehensive list of strategies that can be used throughout lessons, beginning, middle and end = MOTIVATE and ENGAGE students

Do you have a chatty class? Check out this blog post on 13 Tips for a Talkative Class from TeachTrainLove.com. :-)

Back-to-School treat for new students!

Luminous Learning Level 2 Math Boosters: This isn't your ordinary workbook. No more “drill and kill” of route math practice that makes math unpleasant and a chore. In its stead, precision, clarity, and supports so as to promote an understanding of math concepts. Step-by-step directions, clear examples, and visual aids build students' confidence, understanding, and appreciation of math.

Transcription Translation Lab: I love this lab. I do it with my students every year. It really helps them see and understand what transcription and translation are.