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  • Gramma Rose

    Provide Our Feathered Friends with a Drink and Their Own Bath!

  • Cynthia Kelly

    Create a Backyard Wildlife Habitat Provide a Birdbath Watch your landscape come alive by adding a splashy spot where birds can drink and bathe. Birdbaths are available in a variety of styles and materials. Birds prefer shallow basins (a maximum of 2 inches deep) that have a rough surface for good gripping. Will be used by Rose Breasted Grossbeaks.

  • Deanna Almatiri

    bird bath...

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Provide for Nature: Cast-off cultivator tines are perfect perches for a host of summer bird treats. Oranges, apples, and a mesh bag filled with sour cherries beckon birds. When the season for fresh fruit passes, dangle suet cakes and protein-packed peanut-butter-filled pinecones from the curved tines.

Make a Birdbath. Not too sure if this is good if you have cats like mine that hunt birds. Love the natural look though.

Provide Bird Feeders Year-Round - Many bird enthusiasts bring out their feeders only during the cold months when birds benefit the most from free handouts. But spring and summer feeding offers big rewards, too. By keeping feeders filled year-round, you get loyal patrons.

Simply Beautiful - Lavender and Birdbath. I want to learn how to make things like this out of hypertuffa. There are not enough hours in the day!

Bird Bath and Irises

Must read this spring garden guide so you can start planting seeds now!

Garden Setting: A flagstone patio wends through a side garden, linking a car court to the deck area. The trickling fountain lures visitors deeper into the landscape, where the patio's water feature also becomes audible and the ocean views unfold.

Make It Easy Low-maintenance vinyl provides an updated look to the classic white picket fence. It keeps its pristine look -- and you never need to paint it because you buy in the color you want -- white in this case. Here's a hint: If a white fence feels stark in your yard, soften it by weaving rambling roses, clematis, or other plants through the pickets.

Birdbath Basic: Keep it Shallow Select a rough-surface basin such as one made of concrete or stone that gradually becomes deeper (to 3 inches) and allows birds sure footing as they wade. Improve the traction of a smooth-surface birdbath by placing gravel in it

Fruit-Filled Birdbath Frozen sections of kumquat, cranberries, pepperberries, and polished stones provide a striking contrast to the bright white snow.