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5 Ways to turn your backyard into a haven

from MNN - Mother Nature Network

How to support backyard wildlife this winter

barn owl rests on a post

from Better Homes and Gardens

Garden Plans for Birds & Butterflies

Make a Mini-Prairie ~~ Including native plants in your garden creates habitat for all sorts of desirable wildlife. This prairie-inspired plan includes native grasses and wildflowers that will become a magnet for birds, butterflies, and other fun-to-watch critters. Garden size: 20 by 8 feet.

How to Make a Birdbath Your brother-in-law is not the only one who needs a regular bath and frequent drinks: Birds do, too. Give them their own little oasis with this homemade leaf-shaped birdbath.

Very cool bird bath from 5 Feet from the Moon

And makes the skin sooo soft. I add a half cup of baking soda to all my baths just for the ph value so my excema doesnt flare up

Could make three different heights of these to use in a group. DIY Bird Bath