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To keep algae at bay in bird baths add some pre-1986 pennies. The key is copper. -- what an easy fix!

tips to attract birds and how to make your own birdfeeder.

birdbath art

Backyard landscaping

For the Birds A simple basin settles easily into the garden's edge where feathered friends can drop in to drink, splash, and bathe. Form your birdbath in the garden by scooping out a shallow hole, shaping a 15-inch-wide and 3-inch-deep mold in the soil. Press bits of tumbled recycled glass into the surface of the still-wet concrete for a touch of sparkle.

A great use for an old birdbath.

6 Steps to Make a Rain Garden: Rain gardens filter runoff and protect groundwater, especially after big rains. They also add unexpected beauty to low spots that tend to collect water and draw wildlife. Here's how to make a rain garden in your own landscape.

Planter on a birdbath...looks like a topiary. Love the colors

wreath birdbath

Beautiful mixed border - would be perfect for a slope I have.

Perfect small backyard water feature. I love this and the plants around it.

No need to buy new. Here's a DIY - bird bath.

make concrete bird baths

Several bags of dollar store glass stones + a dollar store bird figurine = adorable birdbath. The blue stones look great even when the water dries up. 2014 L.Stowe

garden fountain pool water feature, lavender, repetition of shapes

Great way to make a privacy fence beautiful. From Tootsie Time

20 Fascinating Backyard Garden Designs. I especially love this one because of the rocks and mulch working together. Love that it goes around the perimeter.

Attracting Wildlife & Birds to Backyard Garden, bird house, feeders, habitat for wildlife... (really great tips and project suggestions!)

Every backyard needs a birdbath!

stone birdbath