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  • April King

    I would laugh, if only it wasn't so, so true....

  • Dr Mody

    No one can complete a job #internet #sotrue

  • Rose Wright

    truth. except it's more like I asked the internet to punch me in the face. also internet helps me get things done too... it's complicated

  • Tonia Ann

    hahahaha! So true! Story of my life.

  • Jamie Sturgill

    Haha funny stuff

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So every person should just get a copy of this to understand girls perfectly

it really is... and this is the reason I look horrible when I get home from work...

Idk whats worse: the hilarity that this is so true, or that when he said "20 years ago" I thought like oh, 1970s - sure!"

I don't know if I'm just tired or if this stuff is actually funny because I cannot stop laughing

And I'm becoming more and more at peace with it :) some nights it sucks, but most days I feel grateful for the courage to allow my own inner spirit the time and space to become whole before I share this privacy again ❤️

LOL never thought about it before but it's totally true how you're perception of leftovers changes with age

My hair looks bad some days but NEVER as bad as that jackasses. Trump, I mean. Not the other one.