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such a clever design! spoon + chopstick.

I kind of need these. I eat most meals with chopsticks (don't ask why) but the bottom is always frustrating.

Fancy - The Chork Chopsticks & Fork. Finally for people like me who can't use chopsticks but like to try anyway!

chopsticks SUCK! 1) Use a fork like the rest of the world. No need to eat with sticks anymore. 2) Youre not a part of the culture because you eat with sticks. Its just stupid. 3) Chopsticks are one of the BIGGEST causes of deforestation in the world! If youre going to be a tool and eat with sticks, at LEAST try to use BAMBOO chopsticks!

Many-chopsticks - Chopsticks - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Twin One knife and fork companion set. It’s a nice modern design by Adrian and Jeremy Wright. Knife and fork or spring-loaded chopsticks, Clever!

Chopsticks + Fork = the Chork!

hashi no haco chopsticks. But regular cheap chopsticks are TOTES fine.

Clothespin inspired art for the laundry room

'Twig Chopsticks' Handmade in Kenya from Wild Olivewood, found on