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  • DropOfPink

    How To Apply Eyeshadow on

  • Margaret Ogma

    Usually i wouldn't recommend using brown shades of shadow with brown eyes, but it really gives a glow.

  • Valerie Vento

    Best Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes: List of Brown Eye Shadow Tips (Page 2)

  • John Bodine

    Great eye shadow tutorial

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#Makeup #Tip: Brush your eyebrows into shape, and use a soft pencil to quickly define them if needed.

#Makeup #Tip: Want makeup that lasts? Press powder into your skin with a puff or sponge and use a fluffy brush to brush away the excess. This helps your makeup stay much longer on your skin, keeping you looking fresh all day long.

#Makeup #Tip: Putting a primer on not only makes your eye shadow look smoother, but also makes it last longer.

#Makeup #Tip: Maintain that truly romantic, blushing-from-within look by layering your makeup. Sandwiching powder blush between a layer of foundation and a thin dusting of loose powder will help it last longer and also soften your face.

#Makeup #Tips: Putting eye shadow on your brow bone is too much. Put colour up to your brow bone, but stay away from the brow bone itself.

#Makeup #Tip: Be careful to blend your makeup well all over, but especially at the corners of your eyes. Cameras tend to pick up visible makeup lines.

#Makeup #Tip: For your makeup application, natural light is best. If possible, set up an application table near a window. If there's no natural light available, use a superbright lamp (halogens work best).

Your eyebrows is one of the main things that people notice. Do you ever wonder how you can shape your eyebrows perfectly? The first step is to brush your brows upward, then use brow scissors to snip just the very ends of any long hairs and repeat brushing downward, says eyebrow pro Ramy Gafni. Trimming the hair before tweezing will reveal the brow shape and remove the weight and bulk so that you can create an ideal shape.

More help for brows! Grab a straight edge, outline the perimeter + shade it in!

32 Makeup Tips That Nobody Told You About.. #25 Wash & Save Your Wands Instead of tossing them in the trash when your mascara expires, wash and repurpose those wands! You can use them as an eyebrow brush, even applying a bit of color before sweeping across your brows. Or, spray with hairspray and use them to brush and keep your eyebrows in place.

10 good makeup tips to look good in pictures. This is something you can always come and look back at for help

Am loving this. Especially for brown eyes.