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He he! ^_^ But, on a geeky side note, who takes 98 hours to read a book? I can understand that reading a series of books *might* take that long (it'd have to be a pretty long series though!) but the gaps *between* books are like built in times for eating.

Modern Mrs. Darcyfrom Modern Mrs. Darcy

Why it's so hard to put down the book and go to bed already

I've done that a few times...

Hunger Games trilogy humor... although, it's funny because it's true. *hold me* or Harry Potter,Twilight and any other romance novels with a hunky guy and a weak girl. Or with two cute guys loving a girl. Wired right?


50 of the funniest Mormon Memes on the Internet

So true!


I’m not an addict…


Sometimes I pretend to myself that I have insomnia. When what I really have is a good book and inadequate respect for tomorrow.

9GAGfrom 9GAG

I've got nothing to read!

Percy jackson and heroes of Olympus<<< this is SSOO me, but wen i dont have a book to read, i just reread the pjo series<--so true. I have literally read the series seven times. How sad is my life?