prease don't eeeat me.

hot tattoos and cuddle

i melted

35 Hot Men Who Are Infinitely Hotter When Snuggling With Cute Animals

love your dog

What a sweet puppy :)

Shiba Inu - Adorable

She loves him. And so do I.

5 Most adorable dog piles you have ever seen

Because I said so! The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, WWE and a chihuahua. There is something so adorable about a great big tough dude and a tiny little dog. No offense to my chihuahua, Wyatt, who is certain he is a mastiff. You are, little buddy--you are.

Mom, they called me husky!

Puppy Love

I'll drive... Bella does this every day!

Zen....... #cute #animals

Puppy love

omg i just died...