One of my favorites from Sir Elton!

Love this song !!! A thousand years Twighlight

....always is and if not, well....I make sure it will be!

because of you

LOVE LOVE LOVE this song!!!

Good thoughts

Oasis — Wonderwall

Love this quote

you may say...

Three Little Birds. Bob Marley

Coldplay lyrics

What a wonderful world.

my wish for you..

Never lose your faith in love. "After the Storm" - Mumford & Sons

don't give up


I <3 your <3

Enjoy Loving Quotes

For something that is so important in our lives, it’s surprising how often love gets clichéd treatment in songs, books, movies and more. You can avoid these clichés and write about romance in a way that feels real using the tips below. Avoid clichés The first step in avoiding clichés is to recognise them, and …