One of my favorites from Sir Elton!

Red "Solo" Cup Wine Glass...just saw these the other day, hilarious! @Elizabeth Mills and @Debbie Archacki

....always is and if not, well....I make sure it will be!

Winter Wedding Cuteness!

Good thoughts

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Love this song !!! A thousand years Twighlight

"Cowgirl" wine glasses

you may say...

Hahaha perfect!

Love this quote

Did You Know: The Lines on a Solo Cup are Measurement Marks

Oasis — Wonderwall

Sparkler Shield... keep those little hands safe this summer.

Three Little Birds. Bob Marley

of good wine!

because of you

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you create beauty!

The Giant Red Solo Cup! 1) Get a large trash can; 2) Get red and white paint; 3) Create! Perfect for a drink bin or trash at BBQ

my wish for you..