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Prevent Ear Infections This Summer . . . Make Your Own Swimmer's Ear Drops

I was born and raised in Southern California. When I was 8 years old we moved into a house with a pool. As wonderful as that was…from that point forward, I was in a constant battle with “Swimmer’s Ear”. I guess that’s what you get when you spend most of your time in the pool UNDERNEATH …
  • Jenn Winn

    #MYO #Health Swimmer’s Ear Drops

  • Courtney Clarke

    Prevent Ear Infections DIY Swimmer's Ear Drops

  • Katelyn Garner

    Prevent Ear Infections. Make your own swimmer’s ear drops. My dad used to make this stuff. Works wonders!

  • Sandra Piazza

    Swimmer's ear remedy

  • Linda Crooms

    This really helps!, I did it with my kids for years ...Prevent Ear Infections This Summer . . . Make Your Own Swimmer’s Ear Drops

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Prevent swimmer's ear. This is what my doctor told me to use.

How to prevent swimmer's ear: A main cause is water getting trapped in your ear canal, which creates a breeding ground for bacteria. Photo credit: iStock ·Remove the water. Mix 1 tsp rubbing alcohol w 1 tsp white vinegar. Using a dropper, put one drop in each ear after every swim to flush out any lingering water. The alcohol-vinegar mixture helps prevent bacterial growth.

I only wish I'd known about this when mine were little getting ear infections! Amazing! How To Heal Ear Infections Naturally

Earache - Ear Infection #Aromatherpy Ear plug- warm olive oil (1tsp), 3 drops tea tree oil, 2 drops lavender

Natural Treatment for Ear Infections. I am so going to make this for when (cause I'm sure it will happen) Tate gets an ear infection.

Swimmers ear drops - must have old recipe to make for frequent swimmers. Helps to prevent ear aches.

Did you know most ear infections are not actually infections? Overuse of antibiotics is rampant - try these - Natural Home Remedies for Ear Infections | www.homemademommy...

Natural swimmer's ear drops, for fluid in the ears! OOOMMMGGG!! Anyone who knows me knows I get Swimmers ear like no other!