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Haha that's funny ) never thought about it like that before!

Delano Maloneyfrom Delano Maloney

Quote: Worthy People In Your Life

I'm so very blessed to have all my dear friends in my life, the one's that make me laugh, the ones that cry with me and the one's that pick me up when I fall ~


Beautiful. I absolutely love this and it's so so true. I'm incredibly blessed to be able to say that all the people in my life are beautiful people. <3 Love this.


Good to remember. Why is this so natural when applied to those we love, but the reverse is true for ourselves? Because the people we judge the most harshly is ourselves. We all need at least one person there to remind us of who we truly are?


Some people should tattoo this on themselves so they can read it before opening their big mouths...


I like this quote because it acknowledges that there are people in your life that distance themselves from you for one reason or another, and rather than letting your pride get in the way due to hurt feelings, you choose to bless them. If they do not return, it's their choice, and there will be others to follow, in and out of your life, and you bless them as they go. And such is life.....


Only people I need in my life are the ones who need me in theirs even when I have nothing else to offer them but myself