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The Magic Way to Clean Your Windows

The Magic Way to Clean Your Windows - Best way EVER to clean windows. No drying needed, and you have no spots or streaks on your window! I cleaned 2 full sliding glass doors and 8 large windows in 9 minutes!!!

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Homemade Shampoo Bars: Rosemary Shampoo Bars

Are you looking for a natural, healthy way to wash and condition your hair? If you have not tried homemade shampoo bars yet you are missing out. They are known to eliminate frizz and soften hair. In fact, you may not even need a conditioner after use. This DIY beauty recipe for rosemary shampoo bars requires just 4 ingredients and takes only minutes to make (excluding cooling time to harden). Though rosemary essential oil is great for hair growth and shine, feel free to customize this…

here's a tip...clean the bottom of your pans with Baking soda, Vinegar and Salt...The reaction of this combination is Magical. No more Dirty Bottoms! ;)

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How to Clean Your Car Headlights

How To Clean Your Car Headlights - with Toothpaste!

1-Soak in vinegar for an hour until you can bend the bristles. 2- Fill saucepan with vinegar til the brush bristles are covered. 3. Bring vinegar to a boil- let simmer for couple minutes. 4. Remove pan from the heat- let cool for minute -move the brush. 5. Gently comb the brush with fingers. The paint will fall away as you comb it. 6. Rinse the brush under running water to release the loose paint. you may need to repeat steps 5 and 6 a couple of times

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How to Clean Your Oven Without Chemicals, Non-Toxic (with pictures)

How to Clean Your Oven Without Chemicals, Non-toxic Easy Oven Cleaning

SET the baking soda on the bottom of the oven. Spray the baking soda with water or vinegar and dawn. REST! Overnight or about 6-8 hours. WIPE the bottom of the oven, and see instant results!

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How To Clean Burned Pots and Pans in minutes!

Clean burnt pots and pans in minutes with two simple ingredients you probably already have in your pantry!