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  • Christine Starr

    I love all the bright colors! (Attic24 blog) The ripple is my next project for a baby blanket due in July!

  • Melva Rice

    bright coloured crochet afghans❥♥

  • May B. Savage

    Attic 24 - gorgeous colored crochet blankets

  • Lena Metsäär

    Love the colors. How to Crochet: Intro and tutorials. I used to teach beginning crochet and thought this was pretty good...inspiring pics.

  • Sabia Tron

    Granny square blankets: colour, colour, colour...yum

  • Jody Towner

    How To Crochet- basics

  • Teena C

    Beautiful Attic24 crochet blankets - love the colours!

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Rainbow Crochet Squares by Loretta Grayson; pieces for her Tetris Psychedelia tree cosy.

granny squares - like the borders This pic was on Etsy, but it's no longer viewable there.

this is what the blanket I am working on now looks like... lots of tails hanging from it. Mine is all pastels and whites though :)

baby blanket. i love these colors together. and i like the idea of a border added to a granny square blanket.

I love these. My Grandmom just passed away and I pulled down her blankets for fall. Crocheted blankets always make me feel loved.

Love the red with light blue and pink. Unexpected that they work so nicely together.

granny squares - I had great aunts who crocheted granny square blankets for my parents in the 70s. Those were not cool. These, may be cool.

Who knew crocheted afghans would ever reappear? They're perfect for the Wigwam look.