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    Funny, Healthy, Infographic

    25 guy trips: Paddle the Grand Canyon, kayak with blue whales, and come out a better man

    11 must sees to add to your national parks bucket list

    average guy may

    Raising fiber to lower the risk for C V disease in men today and what to eat to do it. !

    Your Body on Booze infographic

    muscle a long ball

    average guy may

    crossfit infographic

    The Effects of Loud Music | Men's Health

    Daily activities that add and subtract minutes from your life.

    Top sources of Fiber

    How Much Each Body Part Weighs | Men's Health

    Do you really need to eat protein after your workout? We separate fact from fiction. #protein #recovery #shakes

    The most common ways that us guys hurt our... junk: news.menshealth.c...

    Are you fitter than the average guy? Take this 12-minute fitness test to find out. Then, read more about your results here: It could save your life.

    Did you know that your brain weighs 12x more than your heart? | Find out how much each body part weighs | Men's Health

    The Great Plains must be proud: Men in North Dakota have the largest packages in the U.S., according to recent research from, on online rubber retailer. See how your state stacks up:

    Expand your repertoire: When it comes to arousal levels, women say the nape of their neck is more erogenous than their breasts, finds a new British study. That certainly doesn't mean you should avoid her breasts altogether. But there's a lot of middle ground when it comes to erogenous zones.

    Fiber may not be the sexiest of nutrients—but packing more into your diet could save your ticker.

    Your food choices can affect both the size of your belt and what goes on below it. Healthy folate and zinc levels may improve semen quality, a study from Iran reveals. The researchers found that infertile men's average intake of folate and zinc was significantly lower than that of fertile men, who on average met the Institute of Medicine's recommendations for each nutrient.

    We dug up some revealing facts about man and his beach habits (see our infographic below). Among our discoveries: combing the sand is surprisingly lucrative.

    In recent “duh” news, a study at the University of Washington reveals why drinking is fun. Basically, we’ve all got a killer pair of rose-colored beer goggles.

    Can’t focus on the job? Blame your babe: Being in love can interfere with your brain’s ability to stay on task, finds recent research from the University of Maryland. That's not the only way love impacts your day-to-day. Here’s what happens to your body when you’re head over heels: