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the great English sculptor, Henry Moore (July 30, 1898 - 1986). He is best known for his abstract monumental bronze sculptures which are located around the world as public works of art. Henry Moore, w. a version of: Reclining Figure, 1929

Title: Hallway Why: Geometic design Date: 12/18/13

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Henry Moore "All art should have a certain mystery and should make demands on the spectator. Giving a sculpture or a drawing too explicit a title takes away part of that mystery so that the spectator moves on to the next object, making no effort to ponder the meaning of what he has just seen. Everyone thinks that he or she looks but they don't really, you know."

Henri Matisse. Odalisque with a Tambourine. Nice, place Charles-Félix, winter 1925-26

We have this print above our bed. I love the old fringed coverlet and the sleeping dog and the icy blue of the sky in an otherwise muted watercolor.

Apples on a Table, Green Background

Landscape- Les Genêts / Henri Matisse - 1905

“Diana” - bronze sculpture by Paul Manship, 1925 (This sculpture is one of a pair that Paul Manship created to illustrate the story of Diana and Actaeon.)