a trellis full of rustic beauty.

I am taking alder trees down this week and I will try to construct garden art along these lines in order to re-purpose the wood....better than buying lumber...might alsw be able to rethink the use of grapevines also!

twig table

Trellis ideas

Twig Screen


Garden Trellis made with sticks you can find in the woods or even on the sidewalks of your neighborhood (especially after a windy day!)

Birdhouse village garden arbor!

Build a Rustic Trellis. Great instructions! And I don't have to learn lashing techniques!


Rustic Garden Structures Arbors

~cute idea

DIY garden path. Use a multi picture frame to do this! This is genius!!!

Shady arbor bench Imagine sipping your tea or wine in the dappled light of your own backyard arbor bench, your favorite vine overhead. Building a bench and arbor combo is in some ways less complicated than building a standalone bench. The arbor provides the structure, and the bench comes along for the ride with no complex angles or fancy joinery.

tree branch bird trellis. beautiful work!

:: branch arbor

Grape Arbor

Log inspired bench w/trellis


Tutorial - build your own willow arbor

That arbor!