Pantry solution....why didn't i think of this

Works well with pretty much anything in a bag that needs a good air tight seal.


How To: Sponge Holder from a Shampoo Bottle

Um, why have I never done this??

Much better than counter or cabinet! Saves germ exchange since they will have their own "spot" too! And floss sticks will no longer roll around in the drawer! If only I had drawers in my bathroom. LOVE IT!!

pvc razor holders. hmmm. ': )

Sink Caddy baskets stuck up with command strips for those little packages that get lost in the pantry

Magazine file inside cupboard door for foil and parchment. Simple.

Puzzle cutting boards.... Love this.... would be great too for little house parties

paper organization

Bottle bracelet holders

Pantry organization idea


Well duh! Why didnt i think of this!? This is the most genius thing I have seen in a while!! Totally uses that dead space in the closet and keeps it really easily accessible..

OMG!!!! this is AMAZING .... PURE GENIUS!!!!! A trick for hanging photo collections: Lay out your arrangement. Flip frames over. Lay waxed paper on top of frames. Mark hanger/nail spot on waxed paper. Flip waxed paper over and tape to wall, nail into wall where indicated. Tear down waxed paper. Hang photos.-- Found this ONE day after I spent HOURS hanging a "gallery wall"

laundry bags for storing onions and potatoes 15 Pantry Organizing Ideas by The Everyday Home #organize #home #DIY

Magazine holder to shelf - smart idea for a tiny bedroom. #diy #home #decor

Tennis ball canister to hold baking liners. Frees up lots of room in the pantry and nothing gets squished.

flip flop organizer for closet - use magazine holders/letter organizer