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Daily 5

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I'm going to type this, make 30 copies, and keep them in plastic sleeves. On days when I hold a graded discussion, I'm going to hand them out to help those students who find it difficult to join the conversation. And, it gives students a chance to come up with other conversation starters that can be added as the year progresses. They simply take the page out of the sleeve and add to it.

Say good bye to boring book reports and use these motivating creative book projects instead! Perfect for independent reading. There are 15 different ready-to-use projects along with grading rubrics. So easy! $

daily 5 {chapter 3}.... I borrowed this book from one my my mentor teachers and I found it to be FILLED with great things!

Partner Reading Anchor Chart

Free daily 5 digital anchor charts

Daily 5

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A great blog written by a teacher implementing the Daily 5.

Daily 5

daily 5/cafe

Below is a compilation of Scott Foresman Reading Street resources for grades K-5

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Daily 5

Daily 5: The CAFE. More than just the strategies... Love this poster!

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