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    I'll take the car and the building.

    Black bug!

    these are already sold...

    vw bug


    Volksy, The Little Yellow Car, vintage children's picture book. Rand McNaly Elf Book. This is perfect in so many ways ....

    I want the turquoise one!

    VW Bus


    This photo is being shared and labeled "collie." This is not a Collie, but a Borzoi. There's some Borzoi in the Collie (added at the turn of the century 1890s or so) that gave the Scotch Collie some height and length of head, which is why I think people are being confused by this head study. Use the color of this dog a clue - there is no mask on his face.

    I had a red "bug" when I was a teenager. My favorite car of all.

    love is love


    "In ancient time, cats were worshipped as gods. They have never forgotten this." ~ lol Anonymous

    The Majestic Suburban Porch Lion


    hide and seek

    Senior Dachshund - what a beautiful face! My little Tristan looked almost exactly like this. [Miss my baby boy so much...]

    Witty VW Ad