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A great way to make monoprints! Trace a photograph on an overhead transparency with an overhead marker. Spray another piece of paper with water, wipe away excess, and place the tracing marker side down on paper. Roll over with brayer and voilà! Monoprint! Found via Artsonia. Look for video @

The students made an observational drawing of a flower. They made a cardboard relief of their drawing. They made layered wax crayon rubbings, adding more detail as they saw fit.

Lego prints are a natural since the famous bricks come in so many shapes and sizes! Just head over to the Lego bin, grab some black paint, and get busy!

Third grade students observed and drew sunflowers in a composition that filled the space of their paper. Then, they applied layers of crayon, coloring heavily and blending colors. After wrinkling their paper to crack the wax, they applied paint and then rinsed it off to create a batik-like effect. Beautiful!

Third graders learned about contour line drawing and then drew a sunflower with glue. Next class, they learned about warm/cool colors and used a wet-on-wet watercolor technique to fill in the paper. Finally, Sharpie was used to outline the glue lines.

Fifth and Sixth graders explored many different types of watercolor techniques to make these polar landscapes. #brrrr #mrsmillersartstudio #gillinghamcharterschool ❄️