I will do this to a child one day.......I figure that will be the best way to ensure he has lots of friends and happy memories.

Up All Night / / Baby Costume / Baby Harry Potter Costume / Halloween. This is SO perfectly Rene in every way!

Yellow cuteness

Baby sumo wrestler costume, some parent somewhere must do this for Halloween

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Bebê Dorminhoco Se Transforma Numa Estrela Do Cosplay Durante Seus Cochilos

LA photographer Laura Izumikawa has come up with a way to make parenting a little more fun. While her little tot naps, Izumikawa dresses her up as pop culture figures.

@Tiffany Busby will love this. I bet it's her kid's first halloween costume...

Boyle Nash Pierce Will You Take Pictures Of My Future Child in An Elephant Costume So i Can Frame it And Give it Too You? You Know Cause Your God Child in An Elephant Costume Would Be The Greatest Thing Ever?

Montros SA

Sully from Monsters, Inc. This is just so cute! Next halloween? Maybe Josh could be Sully. I could be boo and baby boy could be Mike? Unless we have a girl then i'll be mike and she can be boo :)

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tiny girl in ladybug costume climbing the stairs - so sweet

Hagrid & co.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Ron, Hagrid, Harry And Hermione 53 Family Halloween Costumes That Are Pure Coordinated Joy ( I'm about to die from cuteness.